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  • Bumper Zone?

    Bumper Zone allows us to put our bumpers in an 6" gap (between 10" and 16" above the floor) and bumpers are almost 5". Are we allowed to put a little bit of our bumper in the bumper zone or do we have to put the whole bumper in the bumper zone. Because if we are allowed put the bumpers 1" out the bumper zone we will be put the bumpers 1" higher or lower?

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    Re: Bumper Zone?

    Originally posted by <R07>
    A. BUMPERS must provide complete protection of the entire FRAME PERIMETER of the ROBOT (i.e. BUMPERS must wrap entirely around the ROBOT). The BUMPERS must be located entirely within the BUMPER ZONE when the ROBOT is standing normally on a flat floor, and must remain there (i.e. the BUMPERS must not be articulated or designed to move outside of the BUMPER ZONE).
    (emphasis mine)

    So the only wiggle room you have is that the bottom edge of the BUMPER may be between 10 and 11 inches off the floor. Any higher, and the top edge will be outside the BUMPER ZONE.