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Pnuematics troubles

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  • Pnuematics troubles

    we got 3 festo's, and we don't know how to hook them up. We have been connecting them on the slot on the c-Rio, is this correct?
    When we hook the festo's up to the c-Rio, they (festo's) are not receving power(lights on the side are not lighting up).
    We are getting confused because we have tried everything.

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    Re: Pnuematics troubles

    Festo solenoids, at least the one supplied in the KOP are 24 VDC solenoids. The wiring attaches to the solenoid break out of the Crio. The solenoid breakout needs to be wired with 24 VDC to operate these solenoids. Look at the Robot Power Distribution Diagram for wiring the 24 VDC solenoids. Also remember that these solenoids need pressure on them, not flow, to actually shuttle. When testing make sure that the outlet tube plugged so it will build pressure.


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      Re: Pnuematics troubles

      also, make sure that everything's connect right, you're using the solenoid DIO module, and that it's in a solenoid slot
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