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Can we "dump" air through a command?

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  • Can we "dump" air through a command?

    would a team be allowed to field a robot that would "vent" air into the environment, in large quantities, from its 60psi loop? if so, could this air be used to launch a minibot?

    just wondering

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    Re: Can we "dump" air through a command?

    Based on the new Team Update #1 clarifications it would appear that this would be no. Here it is for ease, content was changed as follows:

    <G19> After DEPLOYMENT, MINIBOTS must remain completely autonomous and move up the POST solely through electric energy provided after DEPLOYMENT by the permitted, unaltered battery and converted to mechanical energy by the permitted unaltered motors (and associated, appropriate circuitry). Violation: The TOWER on which the MINIBOT is DEPLOYED is disabled. If the MINIBOT is not deployed DEPLOYED on something other than a TOWER, then the ALLIANCE’Ss TOWER upon which the highest RACE SCORE was earned will be discounted.

    <G19> means that HOSTBOTS are not allowed to launch the MINIBOT up the pole at the TARGET, or otherwise contribute to the vertical movement of the MINIBOT. Energy for vertical movement may not be stored in the MINIBOT before DEPLOYMENT (except that which is contained within the battery and excluding incidental kinetic energy stored in the motors or wheels, but NOT, for example, in a flywheel).


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      Re: Can we &quot;dump&quot; air through a command?

      thanks for clearinfg that up, I had not yet seen the update and we might of been going down the wrong track for a while!