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Direct drive wheel configuration

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  • Direct drive wheel configuration

    We are considering building a direct drive config similar to this one by andymark

    These would be using the tough boxes from last year and 6" mecanum wheels.

    and for the gear boxes we would need to buy theses

    I was wondering if this configuration could support the weight of the robot. It would be putting a lot of strain on the tough boxes.

    And would the gear ratio be too high? 12.75:1 with 6" mecanum wheels?
    what could happen if our robot is geared too high?

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    Re: Direct drive wheel configuration

    We used a similar direct-drive Mecanum drive last year. The plastic plate on the Toughbox can be cracked, you might been to fabricate a metal replacement. You also might want to consider that a stiff suspension like this can cause a wheel to be lifted as the robot traverses the numerous bumps under the field carpet. The mecanum drive vectors are very difficult to understand with only 3 wheels in contact. You would want to practice on a surface with bumps.