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  • Minibot questions

    [SIZE="3"]A. The Minibot needs some kind of switch to turn it on as it arrives at the pole. Can the switch be remote controlled or must it be automatic?
    B. Can we use a remote switch to turn it off after it hits the top of the pole and registers an arrival signal?

    C. What facilities are allowed or recommended to remove the Minibot from the pole after it has scored? Can we use a ladder, or can we reverse the motor drive by remote control?
    D. In the Minibot list of permitted materials in game manual section 3, page 30 of 32, item E is an NXT controller. Where can we get one?

    E. Is it permissible to modify the rubber tread of the wheels in the Minibot Kit? There appears to be nothing in the instructions that says we can't, but would it create a problem upon inspection at the tournament?

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    Re: Minibot questions

    I'm not sure about your other questions, but you can get an NXT from lego here.
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      Re: Minibot questions

      1. Yes, that you need to do it, because if the refferi take the minibot it can fall down.

      2. the NXT is from the lego company. Here is the Information of the prize: But yu have to know that, If you are gonna use Labview, you have to use the 2009 version. the 2010 and 2011 doesn't come with the NXT programer.

      3. Yes, there doesn't say something about the weels, but you need to know the wheight of the weels.
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