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Pneumatics Pressure Gauge/Relief Valve

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  • Pneumatics Pressure Gauge/Relief Valve

    In reading through the rules it appears we need to have a Pressure gauge to show 120 PSI on supply side of air and 60 PSI on regulated side. The kit of parts only included 1 pressure gauge. AndyMark doesn't carry that part as a SKU.

    Is everyone required to buy another pressure gauge or is the kit out of sync with the rules? We are a rookie team so don't have anything from last year.

    I also can't seem to find the 125 PSI release valve in our bag but it can easily have gotten lost in the other connectors.

    I picked up some additional pneumatic tubing today from our local SMC supplier. The rules state that tubing needs to have the specifications clearly printed on the tubing. The tubing has SMC information on size of tube but not the PSI rating. The SMC supplier pulled the data sheet and it is rated at 115 PSI so I can provide the spec sheet but 115 PSI is not printed on the tube. The blue tube we got in the kit has 175 PSI printed on it.

    I only need to use the newly purchased tube that is rated 115 PSI on the 60 PSI air supply. Any thoughts on this failing tech inspection.

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    Re: Pneumatics Pressure Gauge/Relief Valve

    I was at the pre-inspection meet for out area, and yes, without those things, you would definitely fail inspection. That is if I understood correctly.