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Use of Torsion Spring?

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  • RSaunders
    Re: Use of Torsion Spring?

    I presume your students did not study the metallurgy required to make the spring, so instead you bought it. It is thus a COTS item (study the glossary). [If you had forged it yourself it would be a fabricated COMPONENT.]

    To determine if it is allowed, you should consider at least the following rules:

    <R01D> the spring must always be safe
    <R19> the spring must not be too expensive
    <R28> the spring must be generally available

    This is not an official answer. If you think these rules, or other rules, could be ambiguously interpreted with respect to your spring, you should ask a question in the official question forum that points out the wording that troubles you.

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  • FRC3150
    started a topic Use of Torsion Spring?

    Use of Torsion Spring?

    The students have created a very nice arm for this years challenge. To counter balance the 180 inch pounds, the students have placed torsion springs at the elbow. This has drastically reduced the amount of force needed to move the arm up and down.

    The question is - are torsion springs allowed in this case?