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    R73> The pressure vent plug valve must be connected to the pneumatic circuit such that, when manually operated, it will vent to the atmosphere to relieve all stored pressure. The valve must be placed on the ROBOT so that it is visible and easily accessible. If the compressor is not used on the ROBOT, then an additional vent valve must be obtained and connected to the high-pressure portion of the pneumatic circuit off board the ROBOT with the compressor (see Rule <R69>).

    First forums GDC reply 01-31-2011, 02:05 PM “Trapping the air under pressure as described would be a violation of R68/R73. The rule clearly states that when the required relief valve is opened, it will vent to the atmosphere to relieve all stored pressure.”

    <R66> In addition to the items included in the KOP, pneumatic system items specifically permitted on 2011 FRC ROBOTS include the following items.

    Pneumatic pressure vent plug valves functionally equivalent to those provided in the KOP,

    <R66> allows multiple pressure plug valves.

    Question: Can you plumb pressure plug valves in the pneumatic lines to the cylinder using a 5 port 3 position center port closed solenoid valve and position these valves adjacent to the original pressure vent plug valve and still be in compliance with <R73> .

    Thank you

    Team 2221

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    Re: Pressure Solenoids


    You make an excellent point.

    If you want an official reply, you should ask this in the official Q&A thread.


    Mike Betts

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    As easy as 355/113...