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Newbie needing general direction

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  • Newbie needing general direction

    What would be the best way to approach programming a robot for this course?
    Our group is using tank controls with wheels.
    Wheel rotation is pretty integral to our programming. Bad direction?
    We can't get it to repeat the course. Every once in awhile it makes it almost to the end. Very often it messes up at the 2nd red block.
    We want to make exact 90 degree turns which it does in some areas. Other areas it comes out of the turns at an angle which throws the rest of the course traversal off.
    We don't have access to the official track so we built a replica for testing.

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    When it messes up at the second red block, is it messing up the turn after that block, or is it not detecting the red block and is just driving straight into the blue wall to the left of the picture?


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      It is messing up the turn. It doesn't perform a perfect 90 degree turn. The first red causes it to do a good turn into the 2nd red block. But out of that turn it will do like a 95 give or take. That error then exacerbates as it continues until it misses one of the color blocks.


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        We don't know how to design a course correction model that reads the blue and angles back into the course either. Would the gyro be better for this type of course?


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          You could use a gyro, though it can lead to other error modes, since it's not completely accurate either.
          Your program detects read and black, what other colors could you use to help correct the course of the robot?
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            Originally posted by JDProject View Post
            We don't know how to design a course correction model that reads the blue and angles back into the course either.
            I dont know the rules of the game, for instance if it is okay to drive a little over the blue or not.
            Looking for a transition from while to blue can tell you how to correct.
            If your robot is not allowed to drive on the blue at all and you have a second light sensor, you could theoretically hand the second light sensor off to the side and follow the edge of the blue line, yet leaving the other sensor to look for red/green blocks.