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Pneumatic Programming

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  • Pneumatic Programming

    Does anyone know anything about coding pneumatics or know of a person or a tutorial that our team can refer to.
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    Richmond, VA
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    Re: Pneumatic Programming

    The pneumatic programming you refer to is for the solenoid(s) you would use to direct air to (or vent from) a pneumatic actuator based on a user command or a sensor that opens/closes a circuit. The compressor is powered by 12V power and controlled by the pressure switch. When the pressure switch indicates that the pressure in the air receiver tank(s) - up to 4 - is at 120 psig, the compressor stops. It starts again when pressure falls to ~ 60 psig.

    You have to determine what you want to actuate and that will in turn determine your solenoid arrangement. shows some possibilities, but tend to go over the top.

    Best wishes.


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      Re: Pneumatic Programming

      if its the programming, it should be like "a= input...
      if a=1 then output...=1... ect"
      (im more familiar w/ basic, you will have to reformat this)