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    I have add commands to my program through Robot Builder then exported them to Eclipse that should help me drive forward and back. The problem is that when I exported the Robot Builder file to Eclipse the commands didn't appear so it can't recognize them. I have already tried saving and exiting then reopening and that had made no difference to the program. Could someone please give me help/suggestions on how I may fix this so I can upload my current program? Thank you.

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    If you look using your computer's file system (Finder, Windows Explorer, ...), do you see the commands?


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      My computer randomly reset and fixed the problem thank you for your suggestion I will remember it for the next time I have this problem.


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        We had similar issues when we began going between RobotBuilder and Eclipse. After loading your java from RobotBuilder to eclipse try refreshing your eclipse file by right-clicking on the eclipse file and selecting refresh or F5. Also note that any code between the BEGIN and END notes in your Eclipse file will get written over by RobotBuilder.