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  • Programming HELP????

    Is there a sample of existing tank drive code that is complete to use... We are a rookie team with no advanced programmer mentor we have the mechanics and the wiring connected but no program to run.... PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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    Hi Sam, the Step-By-Step section of the documentation on Screensteps should help with getting the software set up and devices configured. It should link you to other sections of the documentation depending on which programming language you are using to get you started with a basic program.

    If you get stuck somewhere, feel free to post back and let us know where you're stuck with as much info as possible. The biggest piece is knowing which programming language you are planning on using. If you don't have any programming mentors, I would recommend Java if your team has experience with, or wants to use, a text based language or LabVIEW if you don't. C++ has mroe potential ways to trip you up if you are not experienced and is harder to debug the issues that do occur without understanding of how to use the debugging tools.
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      Once you've looked in link from Kevin above, consider Java, RobotBuilder, and search through 'example projects' in VSCode - much generated code to take advantage of.
      Java is hard enough for HS students to grasp, C++ out of the question except for advanced well-run programming teams IMHO.