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Run DriverStation and Robot java in debug mode on laptop?

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  • Run DriverStation and Robot java in debug mode on laptop?

    Hello - Is there any way we can run DriverStation and our that instantiates the Robot, and have them talk together locally (i.e.
    We think we'd need to stub out the network-to-RoboRIO-running-main functionality - happy to do it, just want to know if it's possible or if anyone else has done it?

    Since the multi-cast/DHCP functionality seems to be configured automatically, not sure how to replicate it in local Java code so we don't have to be deployed to RoboRio

    If this isn't possible, PLEASE add it for next year, since we have 10 programmers and only a couple RoboRIOs...


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    There are some of the pieces in place to do this, but it didn't get fully built out and documented in a user friendly way in time for this season. I would fully expect that to be done for next season.

    If you want to get adventurous and try to work your way through it anyway, you can see some discussion of it from some of the developers (Jaci and Thad) in this thread over on Chief Delphi:
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      Awesome - thanks so much!