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  • AustinShalit
    Yes. We build our own GPL-licensed builds of OpenJDK 11

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  • reeset
    started a topic Java Roadmap question

    Java Roadmap question

    As of Jan. 2019, Oracle has officially stopped providing support for Java 8 and is officially transitioning all non subscription based java uses to OpenJDK. This transition means that java updates will progress at a major release point every 6 months and per license, current Oracle JRE and JDK usage is technically no longer supported for non-personal use, and will stay available for personal use for approximately the next year or so.

    The FRC team I work with has traditionally worked with C++ (though they used LabView this year because everyone was new) -- but it seems like many of the teams in our area primarily work within Java. Before I work on putting together a summer coding camp for next year's coding team, I'd like to understand where FRC is going in relation to Java support. I'm not familiar enough with the current JDK being used -- if it's already based on OpenJDK, or will FRC be providing a blanket license with Oracle to continue using Oracle's JRE/JDK.


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