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Java Framework and FRC Dashboard

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  • Java Framework and FRC Dashboard

    Does the stock FRC Dashboard (comes with you install the drivers stations) work with Java Framework?

    I am able to push both simple and iterative Java code to the robot and the robot behaves accordingly. When we ran Labview code the FRC dashboard application worked, but with Java code it does not. Are they compatible?


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    Re: Java Framework and FRC Dashboard

    I would expect they should be, but we have not gone far enough to try that yet. We have a student that has written a pretty advanced dashboard, so our goal is to try and see if we can get java data to flow to it, as well as C++. That is this weeks effort. We will post and let you know how it goes.

    But, if you were to look, there should be some base data structures that the labview code is expecting in the user section out of the box you will want to make sure the java code is sending. The battery level and other base data is in a fixed structure part of the messages to the drivers station. The user payload area is where we found all the dashboard data was loaded.

    It may mean digging into the labview code a little bit on the dashboard side to see what it is expecting.
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      Re: Java Framework and FRC Dashboard


      Java Framework does have all the hooks. There is a Dashboard class and an example how to use it found in FRCJava sample code. I just tried it out and it works like a charm.