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Entering CC info before Dec 14th

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  • Entering CC info before Dec 14th

    My understanding is that you can have items in your shopping cart, but if you are not quick enough the item may get sold before you complete your transaction. Is there a way I can enter in my cc information so once I have my items in my shopping cart the payment/shipping will be just a click of a button?

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    Re: Entering CC info before Dec 14th

    Actually, this is the major change for 2014 FIRST Choice. This year there is a ten minute timer that begins the moment you add your first item to your cart. It will reset to 10 minutes every time you refresh your page, or move to a different page on the site. Because of this timer, your cart is now protected from items being removed by other users.

    There are three ways items will be removed from your cart.
    1. You remove the item yourself
    2. The ten minute timer expires on a page that is open
    3. You have left the site