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3D Printer Lottery Potential Option

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  • 3D Printer Lottery Potential Option

    One thing that I wish FIRST Choice would do is to open the 3D printing lottery now so that those teams will not be waiting to get their printers after kickoff. I don't think it's fair that our team has one now and we are able to design and print parts currently to learn how to use the printer when there an award that is now available for it. I would suggest that FIRST and AndyMark allow the teams that wanted to participate in the lottery to have their main lead mentor send an email with a priority list of their printer choice to the FIRST Choice email. This way would also provide FIRST Choice with less traffic when they fully open up *hopefully on the 28 as well as give those teams a chance to "mess around" with the new technology. I only wanted to ask if this option was being considered for these teams at this time being that it might be very helpful for all parties involved. I would also like to state that my teams is not pursuing the 3D printer option, but some of the team members and mentors approached me to ask this question.

    I would also like to thank the hard work and straight forwardness that the FIRST KOP staff as well as the AndyMark staff has been with the FIRST Community involving FIRST Choice. I hope that you all know that the service that you are providing is VERY helpful for many teams. Again Thanks.
    John Nichols

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    Re: 3D Printer Lottery Potential Option

    Thank you for your suggestion and thoughtfulness. We considered decoupling the printer lottery from the FIRST Choice system, but decided against it after weighing the various factors.
    Kit of Parts Manager